Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Phase I assessments are completed in order to determine the environmental integrity of the property prior to purchasing. This is done to ensure that all potential environmental issues relating to the past and present land use are identified. Our auditing process answers the question, "what are the potential environmental concerns and liabilities associated with this property?"

Phase I

Phase I Services:

  • Historical building permits review
  • Historical aerial photograph review
  • Historical Sanborn Fire Insurance Map review
  • Historical city directory review
  • Historical topo map review
  • Analysis of local hydro geologic conditions
  • Government environmental database review
  • Inspection of subject property and surrounding areas
  • Interviews with owners, occupants and neighboring tenants (for abandoned properties)
  • A detailed professional site plan
  • Digital photographs with descriptions
  • Inclusion of the Statement of Qualifications of assessors
  • Conclusions regarding potential environmental liabilities using risk-based analysis
  • Recommendations

Phase II Assessments

If needed, MS5L will confirm the presence or absence of any recognized environmental concerns (REC's). If you have already completed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, MS5L will review it for free and design the most cost effective Phase II scope of work and cost estimate. Phase II assessment work typically includes; soil, soil gas, and/or groundwater sampling.

Phase II

Phase II Services

  • Soil Vapor Survey Vapor Intrusion Assessment (ASTM E2600)
  • Soil sampling and analysis
  • Hydropunch Groundwater Sampling
  • Temporary Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation
  • Surface water sampling
  • Asbestos/Lead Testing
  • Remediation cost estimates

Phase III Assessments

A Phase III site assessment is conducted to fully delineate the horizontal and vertical extent of the surface contamination. The Phase III assessment is an extensive subsurface investigation that precisely quantifies and qualifies the contamination and allows for cleanup costs to be accurately estimated.

Phase III Assessments

MS5L Phase III reports are clear and concise assessments of the site conditions, thus preventing any ambiguity between the purchaser, seller and lending institution as to the cost impacts associated with any environmental concerns.

In the event cleanup services are required, MS5L can prepare bid packages and coordinate the selection of the most appropriate remediation contractor(s) and will remain involved in the progress as long as necessary to ensure a smooth transition of services.